I love recommending products & food/drink,
but it needs to be priorfatgirl approved!

Do you know what that means? It means if I'm going to recommend a product, I would have used the product or eaten the food when I was a fatgirl. priorfatgirl does not participate in promoting "lose weight quick" options. In fact, the only thing I do recommend is getting proper nutrition through eating a balanced diet and ample amounts of exercise. That's it, that’s all. Eating right and busting arse in the gym.

Typical Readers: Visitors to my site are typically female with a few males sprinkled in. Everyone is on a healthy journey, although each is at a different stage in his or her journey.

Linking to Prior Fat Girl: I love when we all encourage each other! If you run across something on priorfatgirl and wanna link it back to your website or blog, DO IT! Keep in mind: I track my hits. I will follow any linkage back to your site to make sure you’re on track with my message, so watch your step!

Samples & Giveaways: You think your product will be priorfatgirl approved? Email me and let’s discuss! I accept samples of products but do not promise to mention your product in a blog post. If mentioned, I will provide an honest review. When sending free products, it is assumed you will include something to be used in the next giveaway contest, which ensures I am not the only one benefiting.

Advertising: Relationships made with priorfatgirl.com are limited and subject to serious consideration.

So...do you have an idea and wanna run it past priorfatgirl.com? Send me an email at jen@priorfatgirl.com.